Innovation meets Art

Art adds vibrancy to public spaces and incorporates local culture and history into the fabric of regional destinations. As RTP adapts to the changing workplaces and future of growth, art and amenities will anchor RTP as a premiere destination.

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HUB RTP campus map that shows the locations of current and future planned artist exhibits.
Mural at Boxyard RTP

1. Rebirth

Gabriel Eng-Goetz
“Rebirth embodies the diverse entrepreneurial spirit of RTP and Boxyard. An explosion of color attracts patrons to experience a visual feast of ancient symbols and current themes. Stylized brains float amongst a rising phoenix and dragon, both symbols of harmony and good fortune, surrounded by lotus flowers showing growth and symbiosis with nature. The Triangle has become a diverse, hard-working community over the years opening its arms to the immigrant community. As a Chinese American artist myself, this piece is a testament to the American dream that so many people from around the world have come to North Carolina seeking to find.”
Street murals at Frontier RTP

2. Unfolding Possibilities

Monique Luck
This vibrant mural street artwork captures the essence of growth and possibility. Inspired by seeds germinating and flourishing, whimsical shapes and colors reflect the forward momentum and dynamic energy the Frontier RTP campus embodies, a place where start-ups and creative ideas are free to thrive. This piece reflects the spirit of collaboration and endless potential for advancement that celebrate the possibilities of the future.
Gallery displayed in Frontier RTP

3. Abstract Art

Linda Bailey
Linda’s portfolio boasts three distinctive techniques that showcase her versatility and artistic prowess. Linda’s signature technique involves the use of various-sized palette knives and paint medium to create captivating textures. Through skilled brushwork and an acute understanding of fluidity, she evokes the essence of natural phenomena through her abstract interpretations.
Rotating Art Gallery at RTP HQ

4. Art@Work

Durham Art Guild
Durham Art Guild (DAG) operates public visual arts galleries that feature the work of regional artists, and provide valuable resources, connections and encouragement through a variety of opportunities for all members and non-member artists as well as arts enthusiasts. The Art@Work Program includes programming and curatorial services professionally facilitating and executing the display of regional art in spaces and businesses throughout North Carolina.
Historical Monument

5. Berlin Wall

A piece of the Berlin Wall was graciously loaned to Frontier RTP by Gordon Smith. The monumental piece was originally displayed in the Exploris Museum (now the Marbles Kids Museum) in Raleigh, NC before making its way to the atrium of Frontier RTP where it sits today.
Bee Hive Art


Bee Downtown Partnership
Since 2017, Bee Downtown and Research Triangle Park (RTP) have nurtured a flourishing partnership. It began with the installation of two hives at Frontier RTP and expanded in 2021 with the addition of three more hives.
Life-size Statue Art

Cow Parade

Amanda Dolan & Jenn Hales
In 2013 to benefit NC Children’s Hospital, Wells Fargo actioned off a fleet of cow statues, each with creative murals by local NC artists, calling it the Cow Parade. Research Triangle Foundation of NC purchased 3 cows, 2 of which are on display!
Shipping Container

Boxyard RTP Showroom

Sarahlaine Calva
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