At Hub RTP, we’re connectors.

You are what makes Hub RTP. Period. You are the difference. Here, we pride ourselves on good company. Eat, bike, work, whatever you choose, you’ll be surrounded by folks from all walks of life.

Get your steps in, walk to work.
Gather friends for a picnic.
Bike to find inspiration for the next pitch.

Where nature meets urban.

Burden’s Creek

Biodiversity lives here. With a variety of perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, sunshades, large canopy trees, and native plants, Burden’s Creek creates a habitat for native pollinator species. This enhancement of a channelized, open storm drain actively mitigates storm surge demand and deploys best practice sustainable landscape design.

Stormwater Meadow

Designed to feel like a natural, wet meadow, this constructed stormwater wetland flows adjacent to a network of boardwalks.

Honeybee Hives

Buzz by one of our honeybee hives, ruled by the queens of North Carolina’s 60+ mile pollinator corridor, the longest highway of honeybees in America. Thanks to Bee Downtown and vital nectar sources on-site, 300,000 bees call Hub RTP their home.

#2 Top City for Millennial Magnet

Business Facilities, 2021

#5 Top State Where Young Professionals Are Moving

Smartasset, 2021

#4 City for Best Quality of Life in the World (Raleigh, NC), 2021

Grow your network.

Find community in all the right places at Hub RTP. Hang out with colleagues on a roof top terrace or attend a variety of programmed events. No matter what you chose, you’re going to be a part of something great.

Embrace the vibe.

We’re designing flexibility into your life. From nature trails to live music or enjoying friends over dinner. Whatever you want – it’s right here.

Clear your mind.

We’re creating a new way of living. With a hub of activities to choose from, you design life in the park. Whether it’s a moment of fresh air on a nature trail or a dinner with friends to celebrate a milestone – you enjoy, on your terms. Welcome to life at Hub RTP, the park’s vibrant downtown.

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